"Measuring the


is our demand to make your application successful.

As a midsized and worldwide operating company under leadership in second and third generation Eigenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG, with a team of qualified co-workers, incorporates the flexibility and the "know how" also to provide solutions for requirements going beyond regular measurement applications. With special consideration to the climatic extremes of the customers measurement site.

Main focus is to be found in development in close cooperation with Universities, Scientific Institutions, Weather Services and Environmental Departments, followed by production itself and the marketing of meteorological instruments and environmental measurement products. Our sensors and instruments are working in many national- and international measurement networks such as German Weather Service, Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Met Office, EMEP, GAW, GMOS.

Cooperations with partner companies worldwide, in many countries offer a customer-friendly service to our users.

We offer

  • Innovative Meteorology
  • Collection - and analysis of atmospheric deposition
  • Hydrology / groundwater control
  • Consulting for environmental technology 

Awards and Certificates

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    DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate

    external supervision for Eingenbrodt's qualitiy demand through ISO 9001 certification

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    Innovation award of Harburg county 2012

    For achievements in the field of innovation and marketing of innovative products

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    Export success in the craft

    In 2005 the chambers of crafts of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region awarded us for success in export.

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    Win in the competition "Internationalization of services in craft"

    In 2006 Eigenbrodt became awarded as innovative company by the by the Central Association of German Crafts

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    Honorary certificate granted by the Chamber of Commerce Lüneburg-Wolfsburg

    In 2009 the Chamber of Commerce lüneburg-Wolfsburg awards company eigenbrodt for her 75th anniversary with a honorary certificate.

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    Success in education - awarded by the Federal President of Germany

    In 1984 Eigenbrodt became awarded by the Federal President of Germany for exemplary activities in education of young people.

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    Sucess in education - National winner

    1992 one of our trainees became winner in the practical performance competition of young craftsmen.

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    Success in education - Winner of Hanseatic City of Hamburg

    1192 one of our trainees became winner in the pratical performance competition of young craftsman.

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    Distributor of the year for Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment B.V.

    In 2009 Eigenbrodt has been awarded as distributor of the year of our productpartner Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment b.V. , the Netherlands

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    Eigenbrodt "Certified Distributor" for Schlumberger Water Services products

    In 2007 Eigenbrodt co-workers participated sucessfully in the program for certification for Schlumberger Water Service software products.

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