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SBL 480

Ventilation unit for many types of radiation sensors

SBL 480 - Ventilation unit for many types of radiation sensors

Key benefits

  • High quality material applied (e.g. stainless steel, industry standard fan especially modified for outdoor use)
  • Easy mounting possible to horizontal / vertical rods with optional mounting kits (square-type tube or circular tube)
  • Heating also suitable for demanding locations like the high mountains
  • User-friendly and easy to maintain
  • Minimal heating-up of radiation sensor through advantageous alignment of the heating elements


Measuring solar radiation under certain circumstances like rain, dew, snow or frost can be quite challenging, because debris falsifies the results. Reliability and accurateness of solar measurements is being enhanced by the use of the SBL 480 van, since the debris can be reduced or even completely avoided. A continuously and equally heated dome additionally allows reducing the cooling effects throughout the night as well as the glass dome heating up through direct sun radiation - This allows maintaining the ambient temperature level.
This particular ventilation-unit SBL 480 was designed also to withstand the harsh conditions of the alps – and therefore can be operated on the most climate conditions throughout the world. Details, like captive screws for fastening the dome allow removing the housing-dome also under adverse conditions without any concerns of loosing screws.

Scope of supply

  • Electronic controlled van
  • Main housing with a special advantageous shape of the dome
  • Heating elements aligned almost at the height of the glass dome
  • Adaptation for many commercially available radiation sensors

Options available

  • Horizontal and vertical mounting SBL 480
  • Power supply 24V
  • Tacho signal
  • Power supply 100-230V AC to 24 VAC
  • Connector for external power supply and signal cable, including plug
  • Adapter kit for Eigenbrodt sensors type 1, 2 or 3
  • Bubble level, mounted onto base plate
  • Industrial standard fan, especially modified for outdoor use
  • Inlet-filter, set of 5 pieces

Technical Data

External power: 24 AC/DC, 1,2A at 25W heating
Ventilator: 1,6W
Heating: 10W / 25W
Tacho signal: open collector, 2 pulses per revolution
Ambient conditions: -40…+70°C
Dimensions: 203 x 135mm (diam. x height)
Weights: 1,7kg