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BUS 100

The bulk sampler for DIN EN 15853

BUS 100 - The bulk sampler for DIN EN 15853

Key benefits

  • Preset temperature 5 °C +/-2 °C up to 20 °C. At higher temperatures a difference of approx. 15 °C can be maintained.
  • Funnel- and sample bottle heating enables all year round operation
  • Funnel with 80 mm (alternatively 100 mm) diameter of collection area with bottle capacity of 198 mm precipitation (@ 80 mm funnel)
  • Thermoelectric cooling / heating
  • Sample bottle volume 1000 ml plus overflow bottle volume 1000 ml (not cooled or heated, material HD-PE)
  • Contact material to the sample: borosilicate-glass or PTFE
  • Tubing with small diameters for low evaporation and loss of sample goods.


A new kind of precipitation collector designed as a routine able bulk-collector to obtain samples for analysis of mercury traces. Funnel‑ and sample bottle heating enables year round operation. Cooling down to a temperature of 5 °C prevents the loss of volatile sample components. The borosilicate glass funnel helps prevent droplets adhering to the funnel and is pH neutral.
Direct material, funnel shape and the collection surface correspond to the standards of the DIN EN 15853.

Scope of supply

  • The precipitation collector is of modular construction and consists of the following components:
  • Tube housing with strengthening ring and anchor points
  • Borosilicate-glass funnel is removable for maintenance
  • Heating insert with electronically controlled heating for melting the snow in the funnel while limiting evaporation
  • Removable sample insert with borosilicate-glass sample bottle, maintenance free thermoelectric cooling / heating and integrated control electronics
  • Overflow system with overflow capillary inner diameter 2 mm, >500 mm long and HD-PE sample bottle (others on request)

Options available

  • Anchoring robes with earth rod and tension
  • Bird protection ring
  • Mini data logger for temperature, including data handling
  • Hoses and capillaries
  • Temperature logger for climate chamber and also for main housing of the housing. (version without climate chamber: only temperature logger for main housing)
  • Downgrade: No heating for funnel
  • Spare collection bottle, 1000 ml

Technical data

  • Collection diameter            80, alt. 100 mm
  • Power Supply, total            230 VAC, 50 Hz. max.100 VA
  • Funnel heating                     12 V DC, 24 Watt
  • Sample cooling/heating   12 V DC, 48 Watt
  • Collecting height                 1500 mm (alt. 1600 mm)
  • Dimensions                            h 1500 mm, diameter 320 m
  • Weight                                     35 kg