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Dry sample container unit (DSC)

To catch dry content separately

Dry sample container unit (DSC) - To catch dry content separately

Key benefits

  • Catching and also dry content in an extra container allows to separate wet from dry samples with the same instrument. (wet only - dry only)


For certain research projects it is not only interesting to sample the wet only deposition, but also the dry only deposition at the same place during periods of no precipitation. The DSC-unit allows this type of samples. It maintains open during periods of no rain, and will be closed with the coverlid during rainy periods automatically.
The DSC-unit can be ordered heated and unheated. As material for the sample container HD-PE or DURAN-glass can be chosen.

Scope of supply

  • Assembly, aluminum anodized and stainless steel
  • Sample container HD-PE, optional DURAN-glass
  • Automatic controlled heating (depending on version)

Options available

  • HD-PE version heated
  • HD-PE version not heated
  • DURAN version heated
  • DURAN version not heated

Available for

BUS 100 BUS 125 UNS 130 NSA 171 NSA 181 NSA 181/K NMO 191
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • No