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NSA 181 - basic

The sampler for inorganic content

NSA 181 - basic - The sampler for inorganic content

Key benefits

  • Climate control system light for sample room with heating and ventilation system
  • Contact material (silicone and HD-PE) is ideal for collection on acidifying components and inorganic content. (For others, please check the optional items.)
  • Rugged instrument for year-round operation in most climate conditions
  • Manifold options allow the adaptation to the most applications.
  • Proven technology for drive and rain detection allowing reliable separation from wet content to dry contents


Precipitation contains a high amount of organic, inorganic and suspended substances. It is believed to be the major atmospheric purification process and has a high contribution to the trace element cycle in the atmosphere.
The Precipitation Sampler NSA181 is equipped with a cover lid for a wet only application. This lid is opened only during deposition. So now it is possible to catch the wet precipitation only. This characteristic is in contrast to bulk samplers, which collect both the wet deposition and the dry deposits (e.g. dust).  
The equipment guarantees automatic all year operation, possible through the use of heating at temperatures of 0°C and below and ventilation at temperatures of 25°C and more in the sample room.
Various sample inserts of bottle from 0,25 to 10 liters allow a good adaptation to the users sample procedures and collection intervals. And multiple choices of options allow fitting the precipitation sampler to the application.

Scope of supply

  • Compact instrument build with modular structure
  • Double walled insulated PVC housing, white colour coated
  • Precipitation Sensor RS 85
  • Collection funnel, 500 cm² collection surface
  • SIEMENS® technology
  • Automatic heating system
  • Chemically neutral material of sample contact components
  • Control electronics with lid
  • Heating for funnel and sample bottles
  • Automatic ventilation at sample room temperatures > 25°C

Options available

  • Various sample inserts from 0,25x 16 bottles to 2x 10litres
  • Electronic control with
  • Contact material: DURAN-glass or Teflon
  • Different materials of funnels
  • Choice of different precipitation sensors
  • High (Snow-)top heated or not heated (option “H”)
  • Dry sample container out of PE or DURAN-glass
  • LCD-hours counter
  • Data logging systems
  • Stand base, made of galvanized steel
  • Various signals for external data acquisition
  • Solar power supply (special conditions may apply)
  • Tipping bucket system
  • Temperature observation for sample room