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Tipping bucket (inline)

Integrated measurement for precipitation amount

Tipping bucket (inline) - Integrated measurement for precipitation amount

Key benefits

  • Allows inline measurement of precipitation amount
  • Contact material is chemical neutral
  • Easy to clean


The precipitation collectors NSA 181/NSA 181K and UNS 130 can optionally be equipped with a tipping bucket system. For Eigenbrodt precipitation monitors NMO 191 the tipping bucket is standard.
This functionality provides digital pulses of the precipitation amount being collected through the collection funnel. In combination with the Eigenbrodt signal PCB Memory (optional), now it is possible to log rainfall amount and also the intensity.
Note for UNS 130/NSA 181/NSA 181K: In order to fit the tipping bucket into the housing, the cylindrical will be extended as shown in the picture right hand side.

Scope of supply

  • Contact material to the sample is HD-PE or PTFE (to be chosen with order)
  • Adjustable measuring system
  • Digital signal output

Options available

  • Tipping bucket with HD-PE as contact material
  • Tipping bucket with PTFE as contact material

Available for

BUS 100 BUS 125 UNS 130 NSA 171 NSA 181 NSA 181/K NMO 191
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • No