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NMO 191

The acid rain analyzer (monitor) for inline measurements

NMO 191 - The acid rain analyzer (monitor) for inline measurements

Key benefits

  • Big collection funnel with approx. 500 cm² collection surface
  • Continuous measurement of pH, electrical conductivity, intensity and quantity of precipitation
  • Electrical heating system, thermostatically controlled
  • Chemically neutral material of single components
  • Various options allowing customizing to most applications


Continuous measurements of pH and conductivity yield instantaneous values for the amount of dissolved trace substances as well as the acidity. The synchronous measurement of the two parameters allows quality control of the results and a good estimate of the amount of free acid in the precipitation. Acidity and amounts of trace substances obtained by precipitation correspond closely to the temporal development of the precipitation event. Therefore the concurrent measurement of amount and intensity of precipitation gives insight into the physics of the removal processes. Further analysis of precipitation is possible through the separation of material flowing through the measurement block and material collected in the optional sample bottle.

Scope of supply

  • Double walled insulated PVC housing
  • Collection funnel of polyethylene
  • Industry standard electronics for control for drive for lid
  • Heating for funnel, sample bottles and outlet
  • Precipitation Sensor RS 85
  • Heating for funnel, measurement block, collection room and outlet
  • Tipping bucket system for precipitation measurement
  • Thermostated measuring block with conductivity cell and pH probe
  • Multi-meter with LCD display for pH and electrical conductivity
  • Ventilation system with filter (depending on type)

Options available

  • Choice of precipitation sensors (infra red, basic types for no snowy areas)
  • Bottle configurations (9x0,75l, 1x5l)
  • High (Snow-)top
  • Dry sample container
  • LCD-hour meter
  • Data logging systems
  • Stand base, made of galvanized steel
  • Cooling of the sample