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High (Snow-)top

For snowy and windy locations

High (Snow-)top - For snowy and windy locations

Key benefits

  • Advantageous wind profile
  • No snow building up on top of the collector (with heated version)


Housings with snow top have a better aerodynamic profile and influences therewith the rain collection rate.
The (high-) snow top configuration can be (optional) constantly heated and therefore avoids that snow can be built up on the housing. This option is useful especially in areas with lots of snow fall.

Scope of supply

  • High top - to be ordered with instrument NSA 181, NSA 181/K or NMO 191

Options available

  • Heated version
  • Not heated version

Available for

BUS 100 BUS 125 UNS 130 NSA 171 NSA 181 NSA 181/K NMO 191
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No