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SD-card data logger

Easy data retrieval

SD-card data logger - Easy data retrieval

Key benefits

  • Easy data retrieval without the need of a laptop
  • Larger memory up to 16GB possible
  • Programming through serial port in sample room


The all new SD-card data logger allows in combination with Eigenbrodt signal PCBs to log the data sets on SD-memory cards. This allows retrieving the data simply by replacing the SD-card.
The unit is easy to operate: Just push in the SD-card and the logging file is automatically been created. All data from this point of time will be written to the SD-card. In case the file already exists, the new data will be added at the end of the file.
The file is logged in text format and can be opened with most file editors. A built in serial port allows programming the Eigenbrodt signal PCB from the sample room.
The SD-card writer can be retrofitted to all Eigenbrodt precipitation collectors and monitors with built in signal PCB serial or memory.

Scope of supply

  • Data logger for Eigenbrodt signal PCBs
  • RS232 interface to program Eigenbrodt signal PCBs
  • SD card minimum 1 GB storage capacity

Options available

  • RS232 <--> USB port adapter cable
  • Larger SD-cards

Available for

BUS 100 BUS 125 UNS 130 NSA 171 NSA 181 NSA 181/K NMO 191
  • No
  • No
  • Yes